Fresh Water Treatment Systems ltd.

Quality Aeration, Clean Water

Fresh Water Treatment Systems Ltd. has been in operation since 1981 and has had involvement in projects in 35 countries. Its primary focus has been the remediation, maintenance or enhancement of surface water bodies of all kinds that are exposed to all the variables of nature. After a hiatus of several years we are returning to our roots. We are providing service to the world wide community through the supply of various aeration system components such as Oil-less Piston Compressors, Header, Gauges and Valve Assemblies, Ballasted Air feeder Lines and Air Diffusers.

The title of this article is a bit misleading in that it would seem to be dealing specifically with safety issues related to open water ice fishing. Not so. There may be food forthought here for anyone who lives in close proximity to any kind of open water in winter.

Complimentary Technologies

In addition to these we are providing complimentary technologies such as Bacterial Formulations, Ozone Generators, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

pond with floating islandIt is our intention to supply, where ever possible, the best equipment available from as close to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) sources as possible at true wholesale prices. What does this mean? It means. For example, that when you are acquiring an OEM compressor from us it is ready to be wired into your specific installation either with an electrical cord or by hard wiring to an electrical circuit by yourself or the electrician of your choice. This means we can supply you with any or all of the parts and pieces that you require that you may not already have on hand at true wholesale prices. You only acquire what you need, you orchestrate your own unique final assembly and installation and by comparing prices from other sources. You will realize the true value of your sweat equity in what you have saved. You may even decide to start putting small systems together for your friends and neighbors as a personal profit center.